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First Purse!!


This is the first purse I have actually sewn!  It wasn’t as hard as I thought it would be-and the pattern from KWIK SEW was super easy to follow!  I love that the pattern with KWIK SEW comes on a thicker paper, it’s not flimsy at all.  And no-I do not work or am being endorsed byKWIK SEW !;)lol


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I have been up to alot lately, from taking care of my wee ones, to school, to sewing, etc…

My latest project was sewing a minky baby blanket for one of my friends babies.  It was an interesting experience sewing with Minky-if anyone has any advice/tips-please let me know!

Will post pics  of my first purse and minky blanky soon!

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I have completed 15 rows so far- only another 30 to go! 

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Cut Cut Cut


I have almost done all my prep work for this quilt.  In the beginning, I was going to have every square perfectly cut, but after the 3rd one things got a little messy… I think not having squares stepford wife perfect will give the quilt a more cozy, homey look-right?! Or am I just delusional? ;)))) 

At least with having my own pattern, I have room for intentional errors.

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My Stash

quilt-fabric.jpgOne thing I can say I have accomplished in 2007 is to finally have accumulated a nice stash of fabric!  I have wanted to make a quilt since I was 19, and because I admitted this to friends at the time-I was the butt of many jokes! Ahhh the good times! LOL So, it has been almost ten years later and I have finally picked the fabrics that will make the cut(no pun intended;) to be in my daughters quilt.  My palette is indicative of Neapolitan ice-cream!  I was just going to make a monotoned pink quilt, but right now I am really liking the pink brown combo…

This is my first quilt, so it should be interesting-stay tuned….

By the way, I thought I would mention some of my fav. online fabric shops:






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Ahoy hoy!

My first blog entry-how exciting!  I have no plan of attack as to what I am going to be blogging about-only that I want to bring you all to neat websites and lovely things on the web. 

Here is the first one that got my attention:


They have awesome ideas for sewing projects and have an awesome online fabric store!!!

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